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New (old) Medicine for a New Age

The lab is up and operational.

Product List:

White Egyptian - primarily minds eye activation and also Crown. Lucid Dreams. Instant Manifesting. Trip Rating: Use Caustiously.

Red Alaea - primarily the heart space. Feeling of Home revisited. 'It's a wonderful life' experience. Trip Rating: Safe

White Lotus - reports of seeing a bright white light. Crown and heart chakra activation.

Trip Rating: Safe

Green Bamboo - A return to who you would be without your Trauma. Very liberating. Clean release and realization of Purpose. Trip Rating: Safe

Pink Himalayan - powerful Heart Chakra Activation. Soul Mate Atractor. Feeling Oneness with all. Trip Rating: Kinda Safe (As Safe as Love is.)

Black Himalayan - Peaceful Zen vibe. Recommended for peaceful meditation. Trip Rating: Safe.

Living Clay - Very Earthy Mix. Father/Mother collaborative with supernatural grounding. exclusive product.

Trip Rating: Safe

Shadow Ormes - A most revealing journey into your subconscious version of yourself. Can be a difficult submission. Take only if ready. Trip Rating: Use with Caution.

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