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We Moved to Hawaii...and Why.  "An Ormes Journey"

                         Part 1   

It's hard to chart the course of the spiritually adept, for we never know when or where we will be called, or to what end we are seeking, for the journey is the destination, with the gold the greater perception bestowed....

Ormes is a powerful multidimensional medicine used by the ancient priest class of Egypt to fold time, alter matter, and manifest instantly the wishes of all those who engage it... but usually only those well prepared would be allowed to attempt this.  In the past, the focus of all cultures was to prepare and succeed on this alchemical journey...this birthing of the emotional body, to overcome their individual id and resolve their generational trauma.

In the modern day, Ormes has been reintroduced into the public domain as a magical face cream or cure-all tincture curiosity with no real understanding of how it works or the requirements upon the person's character to gauge the experiences ormes produces. Right choices have to be made when trauma loops purge and then re-present, during the unlocking of the human chakra system phase of the ormes journey.  There are so many pitfalls that without some guidance, danger may loom for those unprepared.  Thus the reason for ormes's ghost-like place in history as the elusive philosopher's stone...forever sought but never found.

But as my faith in the common man's ability to handle ormes wained, a new path working with Beings of the Land opened up, and we gradually drifted into ormes crystal land grids and meeting Gods and Elementals on a scale that would freak most people out.  (There are principalities expert in working with etheric matter.)  What I learned from this interaction is that people think "if and when" they manifest things into their life that it's out of nowhere, but this is mostly wishcrafting - imposing your intent or want on another and then taking their shine as yours, leaving them stuck in your funk.  Tricky tricky - Not manna-festing.  (We all have done it, and when done wholly in Shadow, disaster results at times.)  But what the ormes gods taught me is that they manifest reality from scratch, with original energy...  no stealing, no trauma to work out...just what you want without attachment.  A purer life without strife.  Hmmmm. 

In an Ormes awakening the vibration of 'you give me some of you, and I will give you some of me' tool to completion does not work in the higher opened chakras, because those portals only operate in sealed union.  In fact, those methods invert the release aspect of ormes and form harsh attachments to form, rather then releasing your Soul into Flow.  Consider it the dark side of the Force.  Complete liberty or hastened end is the rule with ormes.

So what does this mean?  Basically, a choice was presented to me and my partner Jennifer, to drop everything still blocking us.  To Trust fully in the rewards of living Authentically and move completely into a new construct of our own creation...where our experience wasn't pretty good with a few bad days, but exactly what our heart's desired, free of shame and competition... to set things create Heaven on Earth... This was harder then expected.  

The time window for our move had shrunk, and we either had to jump with what we had or wait another year to move to Hawaii.  I was like I couldn't spend another year peddling sacred medicines to an unsuspecting and not ready western culture.  There was another right of passage I had to take.  Giving up all to ensure the safe passage of another.  Yeah, I've done it before, with limited results...or had I?

Jennifer and I made a plan and, with a few residual blocks, we drove on a 3-week adventure drive from Florida to San Diego to catch a flight to Hawaii.  We mined sacred Healing Clay, did some portal cleansing on an ancient Olmec site, built an ormes grid across the country, and also in Sedona.  I cried for a forgotten vortex Cool Beans located for healing... and almost didn't want to leave.  Sedona is Ormes. 

I felt another window closing.  We packed up camp mid-day, and hit the road.  I drove straight thru for 2 days.  We dropped the car off in Long Beach.  Then, rented a car to drive to San Diego to catch our flight.  The port in San Diego was suddenly closed by Trump during the border wall showdown... and we had to do some last minute financial sacrifices to make it to Hawaii.  There was a sense of war in San Diego.  Marine helicopters and war ships in the bay.  I was glad to leave.

As we landed in Hawaii my heart was bursting open.  I could feel the Aloha everybody talks about.  It was intoxicating.  But now came the harshest lesson of all... the tools of culture are ineffectual in a high ormes energy zone, which the energy of the rift zone produces.  The magnetic energy produced by sitting on moving molten rock is extreme and alive.  You must prove your worth here to access abundance...cause it's different here.  Like 'Land of the Lost' different.  The Elementals and Gods are actively participating with people with Aloha (open hearts).

We arrived in Pahoa completely broke, and it was pouring rain.  Our pets were taken into quarantine for a few months.  It was a long trip that had cost us everything.  Now we were wet, tired, broke, and hungry.  We set up shop in a pizza joint and started calling friends for help.  We got a shack next to the fresh eruption flow for a few days.  The lava was still steaming.  We ended up camping at a hippy hobo commune called Cinderland for a few weeks and hitchhiking while waiting for our car to be shipped.  Then one street over, I found our little off-grid farm cabin to rent at the coconut farm.  We have moved from the comfortable prison of immediate satisfaction and moved into a relationship with the ebb and flow of nature in an off-grid situation.  This and the achievement of all our goals without money being a primary means to accomplish them.  Relationship over pretense is the law here, old school jungle law.  At first we were so haole, we didnt get it.  But in a moment of sacrifice to pay a favor a Hawaiian told Jennifer, "The Land takes everything, and gives you back exactly what you need."  We were blown away.  You will not make it here if you can't accept that the island has a say whether you're in Hawaii or not.  It's just known.

                  End of Part 1

      (watch for part 2 next week)

Coming in part two - Menehune, Mauna Kea, completing soul purpose, the conscious super-collective/ormes circle connection...

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