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The Birth of the Circle - the Ormes Circle

It was our first year at market, selling natural Clay and Ormes.  My girlfriend had brought Clay to the table, as I had been making Ormes for years with good and bad results.  Ormes had seemed to hit a block within me and I had stop ingesting and making because unknown to me my Shadow had not been purged, and I was manifesting realities from my Id.  Through Clay use, grounding, release thru plant medicines, I purged my my darkness and reclaimed my inner child.  With new found clarity and purity I began to share Ormes at shows to demonstrate it's effects.  Somehow I became one with the medicine and would travel with it within the person ingesting...this created some duality problems at first, until more people joined in as this experience created a time bubble that encompassed all around.  There is alot that goes into it.  Alot of unique facors that make our magic special, but in truth anybody can do this.  We have 10 or so versions that hone in on the specific healing your soul is seeking.  We let the seeker energetically pick one to three types, as a completely different experience can be felt one right after another.  No fear of overdoseing on salt, just a little dab under the tongue is all it takes, others can dose too.  The circle first consists of 3 person's - the person being healed - the Shaman - and the witness or witnessess.  The group aspect dispells blame and ego dissolves as all witness the block preventing true manifesting.  The Ormes pushes thru the block, All experience this within their own system, knowing it's not them, feeling the pain of another as it is released back into the Cosmos.  This breaks the veil of the time space barrier.  Things are set right or on the right coarse.  I carried the weight of this healing modality alone until I was about to break.  It was too much.  Too many people to heal. I was away from our booth regaining my composure, prepareing to journey into people's shadows with them when...  My girlfriend was doing an Ormes circle alone with a group of her own connections.  I fell to my knees and thanked God, we all can do Ormes circles...not just me.  Ever since we have both engaged in circles together and alone, others have  learned this modality.  Sometimes your the Shaman, sometimes your the witness, sometimes your the one being healed...  you never know going in what role you will live out or what experience will reveal new things.  I give you the Ormes Circle. An Originally Rearranged Monoatomic ExperienceS healing modality.

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