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Fun times at Kashi Ashram

Shaman's Log - Earth date 11/11/11 Big Energy was moved at Kashi Ashram today. I can only make myself available, for healing to present in Ormes circles, I don't control the magic. The day started slow with a few Healing Clay and Ormes Clay sales. No Ormes circles were happening. I'm like, "oh, shit, I've been sharing too much on Ormes sites and it's messing up my mojo". I let that thought come and go and took a meditation break near Baba Neem Karoli's temple. My girlfriend had made offerings to the God's that be, already and I just needed to clarify my mission and clear my head to be completely in Service. I returned to the booth and waited without expectation...and then they came. It's predestined and I am only a witness, sometimes Shaman 😀. I was humbled again by the caliber of seeker that came to our booth. These people mean business. At one point there were groups of people sitting around booth meditating while holding Ormes after ingesting under the tongue. I felt them facing their shit and letting go opening space for good things to enter. (This is an important aspect where as maker I offer no intent other then to connect them with themselves.) We all have a shared experience of release, renewal, and rebirth that sets their coarse true. Some purchase for further journeying, some just accept what we offer for free, all have a major life shift. It's hard to put into words, but greater and more authentic selves are birthed and the world is healed in a way where the angst of existence is completely erased, as if it never was.... 

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