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The Ormes Shaman

The Ormes Shaman Rites of Passage: It was Oct 2016 and I was deep in the work of making Ormes into a medicine that was healing people in a way that's hard to explain without experiencing. Making Ormes and healing with it had propelled me into a supernatural state 24/7 that connected me to all things. Each an individual aspect of God but also Gods themselves. My rocks, dog, the trees, ocean, wind, storm, and stars all creating together in unison...and me too, with Ormes. To be honest I could spend days talking to a crystal, star or tree and never miss the duality state of human interaction. The mind always thinking something other then what the mouth speaks. So of all the hurricanes I've road out, I have never felt the feeling of determined destruction headed my way as when Mathew approached, this Being came to reap. I had chosen to ride out the storm. I live on a barrier island and nearly everyone had evacuated. The storm approached - I could feel it's rage. Power went out, the walls of my apartment were bowing in, I began having visions of a wash over... Of waves striking the side of the building, of my car floating away, of my cat drowning, I was beginning to think I had made a mistake. The eye was approaching making my town ground zero target. I climbed out on the roof naked with my walking staff in hand. I had too much at stake, too much magic invested in my medicine, I stepped up to plead my case to this monster that was coming to destroy me, my work. I said, "excuse me killer storm". I felt the storm pause and look over at me. The storm said, "Are you talking to me? No one ever talks to me". I was blown away. I told my story. The storm paused again and said, "ok". It did a wobble away from my town and then hit land hard just north of here. (Sorry Ponce Inlet, I didn't find out till later). I was spared, I had altered the course of "my" Reality for my own gain, (tho I am in service) - and redirected what was due here to somewhere else...sorry, seriously. The lessons here are still presenting... The nature of Ormes Shamanism is that everything that is superconnected is also independent and alive and also a God. Instead of imposing our intent on an already stressed out story, why don't we just write our own, asking/working with other creators to better the world...rather then fighting over the narrative and who has the better God. 

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