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What is Love?

What lies beyond Shadow is our other half - our Soul Mate separated from us from incarnating into this Reality. Male is electric while female is magnetic. No act of creation can manifest without these principalities working together. And here in rests the downfall of humanity. Instead of creators we have fallen into recreating what all ready is. We have become thieves of another's search for completeness. While projecting our need to become One outwardly we have fractionalized our other half into a mass of misfits and "could have beens". Our Soul Mate does not exist in whole in the exterior, but is hidden within, beyond Shadow. The entire male or female collective is within ourselves laying dormant, waiting for us to reconnect. Once Shadow is resolved, the "ownership" illusion of another is resolved and Love blooms for All in a connection so intimate it will challenge all social constructs in existence. Love is not a thing to achieve - It is a place of non-effort where Love was always, it was waiting for us to move into it. So relax ormes journeyers, there is no ownership in this place of superconductivity, nothing to trouble over. It's just Love. Welcome. 

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