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Ormes is Destiny Realized

Ascension Journeys *We are Exploring Expanding Consciousness* BLOG Mystic Minerals July 20, 2018 Ormes testimonial: Seat Belts Everyone - This one - will take you for a Ride. My intention is to Express my Gratitude to the Ormes Gold and to Express creative glimpses into the heart of its transformational properties. My awareness of my Ormes Journey started in meditation in the early months of 2015, where I was shown a whisper. The whisper became audible in sound echoing the words Ormes. Behind the words were information. A type of interdimensional sound file which was interpreted without words. Prompting me to bring Ormes into my awareness. To research it, and become familiar. There was serious knowing to look but do not touch. That the Ormes would be given to me in correct linear time frame. Which is funny as I look back and know what I know now about Ormes- it is far from anything Linear in time. The research I found on Ormes was striking incredible cords inside; I watched as I was linking and looping and threading together an extraordinary experience I had a year back in 2014. A profound experience I had not realized I had blocked out of my awareness. As I recall, it was a dawning New York summer day after a long night of wedding festivities. I had been going going gone with all the ins and outs of fun of being a bridesmaid and was finding some relaxing decompression in a grass field laying heart up towards the blue morning sky. Next to me, still awake, lays a groomsmen. We stayed up talking about the magnificence of the universe, so the vibes were in order for a higher vibrational experience. I stopped mid conversation. And confidently said, well I have a story playing out in the sky! He questioned me, and yet I did not question myself. It was as if god was reading me a bedtime story where the illustrations were clear as day written in the sky. “I see a man,” I said. “He is leading a crowd of people all carrying large planks of wood on their backs.” I stopped and took in more awareness. “These men feel they are made of wood.” I said. “Men made of wood?” says the groomsman. “Well, no it feels they are from ancient times several hundreds of years ago, their is wisdom in their roots. There is wisdom from this time that is important but non the less I digress…the leader, he has a bird as a head.” I claim. The groomsman wanted more detail “a bird as a head and the rest is human?” I went on the describe more detail “the leader, yes, he has strength, he is leading a crew somewhere to build a city. This is wild! I can see this with my eyes wide open playing on the clouds in the sky against the blue! How is this happening?!” As I began to question– my awareness had had enough and “poof” the vision of experience had left my grasp. It left me feeling many many things that kept me awake for days not in wonderment of the vision, yet wonderment of the powerful transformational feelings I was feeling in those current times of experience. The vision had conspicuously made ITSELF dormant into my subconscious. It was April 2017, Spirit guided me to purchase a one way flight from Detroit to Florida. As I worked to gather my belongings into a bag of “who knows what will happen”. I had a little bit of this and little bit of that. With understandings of what it feels to be open ended. Just before take off I found myself house sitting one night for my Aunt and some pets. I was generously gifted a thank you in the form of a 50 dollar bill. The moment I stepped foot in my car, I heard a voice come through, loud and clear as I have heard before that said specifically to save that dollar bill in form for something special and I would know when to use it. Okay, I said, not thinking too much about it yet mindfully placing it in a special spot. Soon enough the waves, being pulled by the moon, pulling me in and out in perfect flow. The balance I felt with nature was key at this time to release any conditioning which helped aid in audible communication or clairvoyance. Staying beach side with my friend, one day she invited me to visit a community outside market event, the type where everyone has their own tents and its outside and all nice and breezy! In preparation of attending, I received a visual of me — in the future — grabbing that 50 dollars out of my bag. Okay, special times are at hand and I was flowin. There I was at the flea market, standing yards away from a tent with a large display board with the picture of the man with a bird on his head! My head started spinning together all the visions that had layed dorment inside my subconscious, realizing, connecting the dots, that the bird man from 2014 New York Wedding was– “Thoth” in my Ormes research prompted from my 2015 mediation prompted forward to wait for divine timing. Here was the divine timing. And damn, I stood still, as I was harnessing the energy like a spiritual badass. I was connecting all these dots in the zero point of “that” moment. It was as if the man inside the tent could feel me from miles away. He drew me in, asking softly out of his heart space, “are you familiar with Ormes?” Speechless, yet had every word in the dictionary at that moment in time, my response was a confident, “yes.” The bottle to start consumption of the Gold had be at price 50$. And there you have it….the magic of Ormes. And this was all only BEFORE I started my journey of consuming and becoming the Ormes… I play tribute. Now… There is no time in space. All these moments lead into one. And this One finds us here, reading this story. My story of Mystic Minerals. Gratitude to the Gods of Gold. We are Gold. We are. Peace. 

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