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Can Ormes Reverse Death

Cool Beans/Resurrection Dog

It was winter of 2011 and I was caretaking my elderly father in a remote cabin in Northern Idaho. We were snowed in and I would have to hike a mile down to where my car was parked. These hikes became a regular thing for exercise and escape. The property owners old Aussie became my hiking companion on these trips as my guide and protector. Many adventures ensued.

Flash forward four years. Sadly, my father had passed, I had moved back to Florida, and I was driving down the road staring at this beautiful white husky type dog in the back of a tiny car. It reminded me of my old friend in the mountains. I positioned my car for the best view and then had a waking vision. I envisioned the dog jumping out the side window and tumbling down the road like in a dream - and then it happened just like I had just seen. Cars scattered and drove around. The dog rolled to a stop and I pulled over. I headed him over to the side of the road. There we sat all alone together. Everyone had driven off including the car he fell out of. He was shooken up a bit but OK. The owners did return for pup shortly and life returned to "normal", but those moments are burned into my soul. Had I seen the future? - or had I created it as I later proved true.  Had ormes empowered me to create "events"?

A few more years had passed and I had gotten my own Aussie. Lovable and energetic he was hard to handle and a friend was critical of my off leash policies. Aussies gotta be free. But the criticism stuck in my craw and one day while leash less walking him I had another dang vision. He jumped and bounced around and darted out in front of a car and got run over. "Dang it! I cant let this rule my reality. I'm stronger then this." So I left him unleashed and he jumped and bounced around and then darted out in front of a car and got run over.  I stepped towards his lifeless body as my head and eyes began to lower in submission to this outcome, but half way down I said No.  I refuse this negative intrusion into my mind.  I looked up with this new perception and said. "Come here boy".  His body shook as if shocked and he slowly lifted his head, he got up and walked over to me.  He was unhurt.  I hooked his leash and we went home...

Ormes can reverse death but it can also cause it.

I had to many yet unlived adventures with my dog tho.  My true story more authentic then a toxic thought that kills.  Ormes allowed me to step into a different Reality, both me and my dog.

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