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Ormes Medicine Circle

Here now - the Ormes mineral medicine circle. I ditched the so called experts (charlatans) of Ormus years ago, and have been working directly with its Spirit to bring to the world an unknown, or maybe rediscovered method of Healing. In the teacher/student paradigm of sharing ormes progress often fails as opposing intents battle in hubris to achieve personal goals... But in a circle, All eyes become one and ego shrinks before Service and the Authentic self prevails. Trauma is viewed, honored, and released individually and as a unified One Self group journey. Hearts open, destinies change, road blocks in life disappear. It was about a month ago I was finished with this - completely ready to quit from exhaustion. Then the heavy duty healing set in. People and circumstances asked me almost everyday to continue these circles, and I did, everyday, wth. A huge wave of Healing (thru this medicine) is coming, even I can't stop it. It's quantum, star based - alot like plant medicines but non psychoactive. Nothing illegal, immoral or challenging to religious beliefs here. It's like licking a magic rock that lets you see at night. What do you see? Oh wait - I see it too... So Beautiful. #ormus #ormes #manna #superconductive #eatgold 

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