• Mystic Beachbum

The Secret

I have done it. I have broken my self so completely that nothing is left. Thru this venture to heal others, in turn they have all healed me. We all sequester ourselves in our secret pains locked within trauma. Posing ourselves on social media and selfies of who we want to be, but are not. How do we attain Authenticity this way? Freedom? Enlightenment? OrmeS minerals have vibed me into a new state of Reality not bound by programming or shame. The only way out is thru the release of the collective suffering by surrendering to it... and thru it. We here at Mystic Minerals are exhausted and spent. No gain in the material has prevailed, but in this work we have discovered and been brought the true Philosopher's Stone. The substance not to meet an end, but to hold matter in a state of both having and not having - the Empty where anything and everything is - was - and will be. It is the "Secret". The Philosopher's Stone is not an object, but an ability to manifest quantumly gifted to a unified mind and an open heart. The real magic of life is not in the having or not having, but in experiencing both equally at the same time. It's been a big gamble. If I claimed it easy or that I haven't hurt myself, both would be lies. I will recover. Magic to some is a myth, but for me it is Everything. 

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