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Orbitally Rearranged Mono-Atomic ElementS

"It's really Di-Atomic"

Make your own Ormes.  Sharing Ormes opens unseen portals between people.

Consistent use will build up in saturation until ormes hits an unseen  "mindstruct" of the unconscious Shadow self.  View - understand - release is the best course...  What can't be released in that moment will be set on a journey to reclaim.  Good Luck.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for suggestions/notes on how to use OrmeS...

The first test of the Ormes Journey is the ability to create Ormes

How to make Ormes

Let settle and strain off clear salt water 3 times.  This takes a few weeks.  The "fluff" of the yield reveals the potency of the ormes.

Less is more - use cautiously - detox and purge before ingesting

*Contrary to popular belief... the less intention placed while making, the more aligned the ormes.  Selfish intent is toxic to the vibration of Providence.  Too much "Will" placed while making, will produce flat ormes.

Ormes user Reclaims Soul in Dreamtime


Glimpses of Providence...

The Ormes Circle or...

Shared Empathetic experience that bestows Grace equally among all

Ormes if made correctly doesn't have to be ingested to feel its quantum effects.

Video I made about my 2012 Awakening 2011


OrmeS Effects:


Slows Aging

Fades Wrinkles

Shrinks Eye Bags

Helps Baldness

Repairs DNA

Purges Toxic Hooks

Assists Vivid Dreaming & Precog. Visions

Activates Dormant-DNA and Talents

Addresses Chronic Illness

Gives Clarity of Mind

Releases Blocks

Opens Chakras

Erases GMO’s Effects

Increases Crops

Promotes Instant Manifesting

Remineralizes Cells

Opens Quantum Doors

Attracts Soulmates

Ormes Suggestions/Notes for Use:

*use pinky-nail size portion under the tongue

*use for 30 days (less, if you feel you need a break--less is more)

*some feel effects immediately, but it can take a week or two

*keep out of direct sunlight

*keep sealed to avoid drying out (but still works in dried form)

*take in the morning, rather than at night, if it energizes you

*to slow down effects, soak in a hot bath with a handful of           powdered bentonite clay, take a barefoot walk, or ground yourself

*great companion to a meditation, yoga, or wellness practice

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