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Orbitally Rearranged MonoAtomic ElementS

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Dead Sea White Cream OrmeS


Made with Dead Sea Salt, this OrmeS mix is the classic Egyptian version, which primarily opens gateways in the upper chakras.  Vivid dreaming, mind's eye opening, and Crown chakra activation are common.  Instant manifesting is typical effect, so be Positive.

Pink Himalayan Cream OrmeS 

 $50 (only one left)

Users claim our pink OrmeS feels like a cool breeze.  Big heart opener and a fan favorite for feeling happy.  Brings peace like no other mix, and super connects the hearts of all peeps present.  This version is Unconditional Love in a bottle.

Black Shadow Cream OrmeS


Our most powerful mixture.  Made with Black Lava Salt from Hawaii. 

This stuff is super grounding...  Like, let's take all of your Shadow issues, and let's just send it straight down to the depths of Hell for good - The false self just disintegrates and falls to the ground as dust.  Only for advanced initiates tho - Real Warriors ready for the Truth. 

Green Bamboo Cream OrmeS


Realignment to the "ebb-and-flow Earth Abundance" of the Mother is woven into this mix.  Manifests what you need in the moment, rather then what you think you need in the future.  This OrmeS brings the Now into Being and heals time-bound goals by folding them into the present moment.

Red Alaea Cream OrmeS


Grounding of the heart mix...opens up feelings of home and safety. This OrmeS helps you to carry home in your heart, wherever you may be.

Montmorillonite Living Clay


Clay Powder,

4 oz. glass jar


Clay powder can be used for: hot bath soaks (to ease aches/pains, detoxify, and re-mineralize the body), facial powder, diaper rash, smoking cessation, and blood sugar regulation (just to name a few!)...

Clay is on the way.jpg

Clay Poultice Mask,

4 oz. glass jar


This version combines our clay powder and distilled water, hand-mixed with skill to a creamy consistency. This version is a strong detoxifier, with a powerful pulling action. Use clay poultice for: masks, cuts, scrapes, cold sores, rashes, eczema, bug bites, swollen joints, arthritis, acne, foot/hand detoxes, toothpaste, and much more...